Amiwest is the premier Amiga-focused show in North America. Amiwest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things in the Amiverse: Commodore Amiga's, Emulation, Aros, AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS . The show has become a yearly event in the community, with many new product announcements and introductions expected. Over the years, the show has seen Amiga companies come and go. Our goal has to be to create an environment for the community to come together and share ideas and AAA good times through it all.

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Game Competition
Game Details

Game Competition 2023

This year's game is Knightmare.

This will be a simple high score competition. The winner this year will receive eternal bragging rights and a handsome, one of a kind, 3D printed trophy!

For those unfamiliar with the game, the story goes. . . Originally released in 1986, Knightmare is one of the many classic games produced by Konami for the MSX. It's the first in a trilogy of games with each edition opting for a different style of gameplay throughout the series. You play as Popolon and your Mission is to rescue Aphrodite from the clutches of the evil Prince of Darkness. You have to fight your way through 8 levels of enemies and bosses along the way to rescue the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The action takes place in the form of a top-down vertical scrolling shoot'em up style including various power-ups along the way.

Game Competition Trophy 2023

The game competition trophy is designed by James Gray, and 3D printed and painted by Josh Gray. This year's trophy design has been started! Check out the work in progress.

See Prior Year's trophys!.

Game Details

Knighmare is a port of an MSX title created for the ever popular AmiGameJam in 2021! This Amiga port includes
    All graphics remastered by Toni Galvez
    Brand new title and loading screens
    High quality Amiga Enhanced Sound Effects
    All levels and bosses have unique Amiga Enhanced soundtracks
    All new Hi-score table with automatic saving to disk
    50hz / 60hz gameplay option
    Built-in auto-fire
    Additional secret bonus power-up added ( can you find it? )
    Compatible with all Amigas running 512k chip and 512k other ram

Rules and Gameplay:

The official window for gameplay submissions open at show start at 10:00AM PST on Saturday October 14th and final submissions must be received by the game officials by 3:00 PM PST on Sunday October 15th. Start practicing now!

Download your copy from


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