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AmiWest 2021, the 24th AmiWest show celebrating the 36th year of the Amiga era and over two decades of AmiWest, and related events: October 16th & October 17th, 2021, at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, California 95821, USA.

Reservation information for hotel rooms and banquet tickets is available here.

For those who attend in person, AmiWest will respect all health orders and requirements for local gatherings.

For the latest updates and details check the AmiWest Blog

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Schedule for AmiWest 2021

    Reception and setup (after 5 PM) on Friday Oct 15, 2021
    Show doors open at 10 AM on Saturday Oct 16, 2021
    Banquet starts at 7:30 PM on Saturday Oct 16, 2021
    Sunday starts at 10 AM on Sunday Oct 17, 2021.
    Doors close at 5 PM Sunday Oct 17, 2021

Check here for the 2021 speaker schedule.

AmiWest 2021 is sponsored by:


A-Eon is one of the preimer modern Amiga Companies. Starting with the AmigaOneX1000 to redefine native Amiga hardware, they have since branched out to the AmigaOneX5000 and the upcoming A1222 Plus motherboard. In addition to fantastic hardware they have also created the Enhancer software for AmigaOS 4 and the Prisma MegaMix for Classic Amigas.

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club

Originators of the AmiWest show and organizers for 24 years. Founded in 1986, The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club is dedicated to users of the Amiga family of computers. Memberships are available to all who have an interest in the Amiga personal computer. Our purpose is the dissemination of information about, assistance to the users of, and promotion of the Amiga computer. Membership is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in the Amiga. Click here for more membership benefits information.

Join SACC, the Sacramento Amiga Computer Club! Click the donate button to pay your yearly dues (only $12.00!) through PayPal and be included in our member list!
Broadcast and Raffle Sponsors:

Checkmate 1500 Plus


Amiga Addict

Individual Computers


The BiFrost Project


Retro Passion

Amiga Forever

RabbitHole Computing

. . . and more to come! If you or your company would like to sponsor AmiWest 2021, please email us at info [at] with "Sign me up" in the subject line.

Show Info

A1000_web.jpg (63281 bytes) AmiWest is the premier Amiga show in North America. For 24 years AmiWest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things Amiga. The show has seen the introduction of new Amiga hardware and software. We have seen CEOs of Amiga companies come and go. Through it all our goal has to been to create an environment for all Amigas, classics, compatibles, and next-generation systems users can come together and share ideas and good times. Every year we work hard to improve the show experience by having themes and seeking out the leaders of the community to join us and you for the weekend. Since 1998 the show has been internet enabled. Starting with an IRC, then audio broadcast, to today where video and audio are broadcast and posted to YouTube in near real-time.

How to contact us:
    AmiWest Blog
    Via Email: info [at]

Show Features


Seminars With a large gathering of Amiga Enthusiasts there is an opportunity to learn about what's going on in the AmiVerse. Check out the Broadcast schedule for updates as they happen.


Dueling-Keyboards-Posters Saturday night we host a catered banquet for the attendees, exhibitors, and staff. This banquet is an opportunity for everyone to come to gather and mingle. In addition to the food we also present several SACC group awards and feature a presentation: The Dueling Keyboards! Details can be found on the reservation page by clicking here!


Raffle Ticket Yes, after a long hiatus the AmiWest raffle is back for 2021 with a few awesome changes. First, have a look at the great items here. Second, we are opening the raffle to the whole internet. In place of picking up the items at the show, we will ship the items to the winners. All ticket sales will go to supporting the raffle and future AmiWest shows. Get your raffle tickets online by clicking here!


Exhibition Hall A hallmark of AmiWest, this year we will be joined by 10 exhibitors 2021. Of those exibitors two of those are new to AmiWest. Scroll down to see the list.

Live Internet Stream

Exhibition Hall Since the begining of the AmiWest the show has worked to reach a wider audiance. Starting with IRC and evolving to a broadcast focus in response to COVID, 2021 will continue that tradition. Click here for details!

    If you are an Amigan and like the Amiga computer you will love AmiWest.

Hotel Infomation

AmiWest 2021 will return to the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel has friendly staff, clean faculties, and even has a free breakfast!

Reservation information is available by clicking here! PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW! See the AmiWest 2021 blog for more information.

To ensure you can get the show rate we recommend that you call the hotel (see below) instead of book online. TELL THEM that you are with the AmiWest conference and want the special AmiWest room rates.

Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo

  Hotel Front Desk: 001-916-923-1100
  Hotel Fax: 001-916-921-9900

Exhibitor list

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
Sponsors of AmiWest since its founding in 1998 by SACC club members. The Amiga show on the West Coast of the U.S. and venue for the Amiga community gathering in the United States from all points on the planet. We have counted many Amiga luminaries among our members, among them the legendary Jay Miner. We currently maintain the Jay Miner memorial software library.
10-Minute Amiga RetroCast
Dynamic Computing (Douglas Compton) returns to AmiWest for 2021! Doug does the 10-Minute Retro Amiga Cast on YouTube. Welcome, Doug Compton!
Rabbit Hole Computing
Makers of the world famious SCSI2SD line of products bringing modern flash technology to retro SCSI based systems.
Amigadave (aka Dave Morris) returns to AmiWest for 2021! He is a non-dev team member presenting MorphOS software developments. Welcome, Dave Morris!
AmiWest broadcast
Broadcasting Amiga shows for 24 years from all over North America. The technology has envolved from just IRC to IRC and Webcam to IRC, Webcam, and Streaming Audio, to IRC, Webcam, Audio, and Video. Tune in to see and hear the show live with real time Video Toaster effects.
SACC guy
SACC Guy returns for AmiWest 2021 as a SACC member exhibitor. He is actually one of the founders of AmiWest. He has many things to say about Amiga and is a very engaging conversationalist as well as a major X5000 beta tester. Come see his table at AmiWest 2021!
Chris Nelson - Solder Bench
Solder Bench by Chris Nelson. Mr Toast is back for AmiWest 2021. Stop by the Solder Bench to see his current project or to see if he will help your project out!
Dave Coombs - Amiga manuals / 3D
Dave Coombs has meticulously currated a compilation of Amiga 3D applications along with their product manuals and other valuable content. Stop by his table to see if your favorite classic 3D app is there and pick up a copy.
Val "Valiant" Marti - Personal Amiga Setup
Val Marti is bringing his personal Amiga setup to display at AmiWest this year. Val is a developer and Amiga enthusiast of long standing. Stop by his table!
Infocessories, the Amiga REBOL community presenting the Relative Expression-Based Object Language by Carl Sassenrath. We will also have accessories (A1000 mice & keyboards, A1010 floppy drives, etc.) for your classic Amiga for sale. There will be Classic Amiga computers for you to purchase. Come visit our table.
Game Competition
AmiWest is having a game competition. Try out your hand at video pinball. Send in your score to get on the Leaderboard and see if you can bring home the trophy. Click on the link above to see all the details.

Thanks to everyone for attending AmiWest 2020.
Thank you to all those who attended in person and online. It was another great show with special annoucements from A-Eon regarding new systems. We have posted the annoucements and seminars online here: AmiWest Youtube playlist

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