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All donations go to improve and expand the AmiWest show. We're all volunteers; it all goes to the show!

AmiWest 2014: October 24th to October 26th

Show Info

A1000_web.jpg (63281 bytes) AmiWest is the premier Amiga show in North America. For over 16 years AmiWest has provided a haven for like-minded individuals to come and celebrate all things Amiga. The show has seen the introduction of new Amiga hardware and software. We have seen CEOs of Amiga companies come and go. Through it all our goal has to been to create an environment for all Amigas, classics, compatibles, and next-generation systems users can come together and share ideas and good times. Every year we work hard to improve the show experience by having themes and seeking out the leaders of the community to join us and you for the weekend. Since 1997 the show has been internet enabled. Starting with an IRC, then audio broadcast, to today where video and audio are broadcast and posted to YouTube in near real-time.

Saturday at 10 AM the show opens with presentation by one of the sponsors. The show floor will contain items for sale from AmigaKit covering Classic Amigas and Next Generation Amiga systems. Hyperion is present showing the latest developments of AmigaOS 4. A-Eon will be showing the latest in hardware developments. Other Amiga related companies come to show their products and interact with the community directly. In addition to the commercial exhibitors AmiWest also hosts users groups and individuals. These folks travel to the show on their own funds to share their excitement for the Amiga and Amiga-compatible systems such as, AmigaOS 4, AROS, MorphOS, and Emulators.

How to contact us:
    Brian's Blog
    Mailing List: Click here!
    Twitter: @amiwest

When is AmiWest 2014:
    Programming Seminar starts on Oct 23 2014
    Classic Clinic starts at 5 PM on Friday Oct 24th 2014
    Show doors open at 10 AM on Saturday Oct 25th 2014
    Banquet starts at 7 PM on Saturday Oct 25th 2014
    Swap Meet starts at 9 AM on Sunday Oct 26th 2014
    Sunday start at 10 AM on Sunday Oct 26th 2014
    Doors close at 4 PM Sunday Oct 26 2014

Show Features

Programming Seminar

October 23rd and 24th at the AmiWest Venue

amiwest-2012-programming.jpg (39939 bytes) The Programming Seminar at Amiwest is a very special event that brings together some of the top AmigaOS Developers directly to Amiga users and Amiga application developers. The seminar is designed to enlighten and educate all comers on how to create quality software for our favorite platform. To sign up for the event Fill out this form.

Classic Clinic

fixing-systems_web.jpg (39939 bytes) It starts on Friday night with the classic clinic. At 5 PM Amiga owners are invited to bring their systems for repair. Staffed by volunteers, we spend the evening work to repair or improve users Amiga systems. In the past we have replaced capacitors, batteries, repaired corrosion, installed new drives, recovered data, and more.


25th anniversery Cake Saturday night we host a catered banquet for the attendees, exhibitors, and staff. This banquet is an opportunity for everyone to come to gather and mingle. In addition to the food we also present several SACC group awards, feature a presentation by Andy Broad. See the Banquet section for more details.


New for Amiwest 2014! Starting at 9 AM Sunday morning we will be offering an area for a proper swap meet. The idea is attendees can be bring their less used hardware and software and sell / trade it to folks who would find joy in a new product.

AmiVerse Cafe

This year, we are defining an area to set up your AmiVerse machine at AmiWest. Maybe you have a great setup that accomplishes your goals and would like to share it with others. We do realize that this area could get kind of crowded if lots of people bring machines. We'll take the risk to promote display of your unique setup so others can be inspired. Please bring only AmiVerse (i.e., Amiga, AROS, MorphOS, and emulators) to this area! What we want everyone to see is what you are doing in the AmiVerse.
If you are an Amigan and like the Amiga computer you will love AmiWest.

Hotel Infomation

AmiWest 2014 will return to the Holiday Inn Express. This hotel was recently built, has friendly staff, clean faculties, and even has a free breakfast!

The regular rate for the single king room is $91+ per night and the double queen bed room is $99 per night. OUR PRICE is $76+ and $82+, respectively, for the same accomodations. And it includes a hot breakfast that saves each person from $5-$10 daily.

To ensure you can get the show rate we recommend that you should call the hotel (see below) instead of book online, TELL THEM that you are with the AmiWest conference and want the special AmiWest room rates.

These rates are active from October 20 through October 27, 2014. So you can spend a whole week in Sacramento seeing the sights (there are many) as well as attending our show.


  Hotel Front Desk: 001-916-923-1100
  Hotel Fax: 001-916-921-9900


Banquet sign up

The banquet will start at 7:00 PM on Saturday, October 25th. We've had some challenges with the caterers in the past years. We have worked hard to find another qualified company for 2014.

We are proud to announce that our speaker will be Andy Broad. Andy is an accomplished Amiga developer and musician. His latest work, SketchBlock, is an excellent ground up designed drawing program with a rich feature set. Andy is going to treat the banquet guests with his story around using the Amiga in its different forms to backup his music career and he will interject a little of that music into the proceedings. Should be a unique event.

Andy Broad has been a professional musician since 1989 and strangely enough came to the Amiga at roughly the same time. Initially as a communal games machine in a shared house, he soon started using it's advanced facilities to back up his musical career with graphics productions (Poster artwork, Cassette and later CD covers etc.).

When he moved on from the shared house he inherited the A1200 on 'permanent loan' soon expanding it with an Apollo 68040 and started developing software as a hobby. Initially coding with various bits and pieces found on PD disk from the Fred Fish collection the acquiring a copy DICE (along with the excellent Complete Amiga C by Cliff Ramshaw) later moving to gcc based environments. . Around 2000 he really got established when he took over as the main developer for the now open source AWeb project.

In 2004 he upgraded to AmigaOS 4 with the purchase of an AmigaOne XE and began writing new software titles to fill in the gaps, titles such as AOrganiser, AnimIcon a port of the perl programming language and more.

He took a short break from programming around 2008 due to personal life, but continued using AmigaOS as his main system. After trying the Blender 3D suit under linux he decided to attempt a port to AmigaOS, and so resumed coding in 2009 with a successful port of blender 2.48/9 coming soon after.

His most recent software titles include the high dynamic range paint package SketchBlock and the accompanying ProAction scripting GUI system.

Radiance.jpg (63281 bytes) During AmiWest he will presenting a session on scripting GUIs with ProAction at the programming seminar, presenting and demoing various software titles of his own and from the forthcoming Radiance package, and talking at the banquet about using the Amiga in it's different forms to backup his music career and he will interject a little of that music into the proceedings.

Banquet sign up

Exhibitor list
Look for latest breaking news on exhibitors at Brian's Blog.

So far, these exhibitors have confirmed their attendance:
Hyperion Entertainment
Hyperion Entertainment has continued the development of the original Amiga Operating System (AmigaOS) since 2004. AmigaOS is now at version 4.1 Update 6. Want to see some features added to AmigaOS? Come chat with the AmigaOS Development Team Lead who will be present at the table.
A-EON Technology, Ltd.
New Amiga hardware company bringing the Amiga X1000 with dual-core PPC CPU and custom Xena chips to market.
Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
Sponsors of AmiWest since its founding in 1998 by SACC club members. The Amiga show on the West Coast of the U.S. and venue for the Amiga community gathering in the United States from all points on the planet. We have counted many Amiga luminaries among our members, among them the legendary Jay Miner. We currently maintain the Jay Miner memorial software library.
World #1 Amiga hardware and software dealer for Amiga classic and emerging Amiga platforms, including A-Cube SAM series and A-EON X1000.
CBM Stuff is a new sponsor this year for AmiWest 2014! Jim Drew will represent his own company. He says, "For new old stock items I will be bringing Amiga ROM switch boards, EMPLANT boards, Boot Drive Selector boards, SYBIL units, Supercard Ami units, and more! I will also be bringing SuperCard Pro and FPGA Arcade Replay boards to demo and sell as well.
AmiWest broadcast
Broadcasting Amiga shows for over 15 years from all over North America. The technology has envolved from just IRC to IRC and Webcam to IRC, Webcam, and Streaming Audio, to IRC, Webcam, Audio, and Video. Tune in to see and hear the show live with real time Video Toaster effects.
IntuitionBase will have a vendor's table complete with a demonstration system loaded with tons of great native and classic applications, sample Amiga Future magazines, and a friendly representative to help answer any questions about those curious about making the move to next-generation Amiga computing.
Infocessories presents the Amiga REBOL community. REBOL, the Relative Expression-Based Object Language, is the invention of Carl Sassenrath. Come visit our exhibit to learn more about REBOL and purchase our updated distribution CD. See you at AmiWest!
Epsilon is from Adelaide, Australia, and has been active since 1988 in the configuration and use of Classic Amiga and now Next Generation Amiga platforms. Many ongoing projects and guides are covered in blogs at and This is Epsilon's first visit to AmiWest in 2014 and plans to show several Next Generation Amiga systems.

Seminar list
Check the Seminar page!

Reserve your exhibitor space now!
Advance exhibitor space reservations are required so that we can provide the necessary space and other facilities. Let us know that you'll be there and what we need to do to provide what you need for your exhibit. We're already working on better internet access. Let us know what you would like to see happen as well. Just email info[at]

Sponsors for AmiWest 2014
SACC would like to thank the AmiWest Sponsors: To join this list just send an email to amigaprez[at] with your suggestions or information if you want to be one of our sponsors! We'll get back to you regarding the financial commitment for helping to sponsor the show.

Thanks to everyone for attending AmiWest 2013!
Thank you to all those who attended in person and online. It was another great show with special annoucements from A-Eon regarding new systems. We have posted the annoucements and seminars online here: AmiWest Youtube playlist

We are also pleased to annouce Simon Archer as the winner for the first AmiWest Developer Award. Please visit the award page for full details
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