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Amiwest 2021 is featuring a raffle thanks to this year's generous sponsors. You can purchase one or more raffle tickets via PayPal. Tickets start at $10 each and get discounted if you purchase several at the same time. Each ticket is only eligible to win once. Meaning winning tickets are removed from the raffle upon being drawn. The raffle drawing will be at the end of the show on Sunday October 17th and will be Broadcast online. Prizes will be shipped for free to the winners so everyone can participate online and at the venue.

Ticket Sales End At 3:00 pm PDT. PayPal link will be removed at that time.

This years prizes are:

Checkmate is providing a Mini ITX case! Note: The auction includes the case but none of the accessories. You can choose to purchase your required accessories when arranging shipping.

This new case is for building an Amiga without having any Amiga parts, this is why we have had two FPGA board adapters designed to create perfect recreations of an accelerated AGA based Amiga 1200, as well as a Mini ITX fitting kit for the Raspberry Pi4. Of course, you could just fit a Mini ITX PC instead.

Individual Computers
Individual computers is donating an Indivision to the raffle! Winners may choose between an AGA MK2/3 or the new ECS v3. An AGA MK3 is pictured here. The Indivision is the industry leading flickerfixer for your Amiga providing a rock solid image at any native resolution on modern displays.

AmiKit is providing a license for the new AmiKit XE for RaspberryPi 4 or 400 with 1 year of Updates/support.

AmiKit provides a modern Amiga desktop, ready to go right after installation. With RTG enabled and hundreds of apps and games installed you can jump right into using this Amiga as your daily machine! Raspberry Pi 4/400 not included. But you have one of those sitting around anyway, right?

Conny Larsson
Conny Larsson has donated an A1200 Bifrost Heimdall edition.

The Bifrost board is a direct keyboard LED replacement board for your Amiga 1200 computer. It uses some of the latest cutting edge technology to bring you an updated, fully feature packed and highly customizable cosmetic experience for your beloved retro computer, available literally at your fingertips. Customize the POWER-, FLOPPY- and HARDDRIVE LEDs to any colours and brightness of your choice using the LEDs themselves as programming buttons.

Retro Rewind
Retro Rewind is providing a copy of OS 3.2 on CD WITH Roms AND Disks for the Amiga of the winning user's choosing.

AmigaOS 3.2 is the result of more than 2 years of intense and relentless work from a team of over sixty people who have contributed to produce a new milestone in AmigaOS history.

The most comprehensive version of AmigaOS 3.2 is available now on CD-ROM and contains all the disks and AmigaOS Kickstart ROM sets for all Amiga machines ever produced allowing users to install AmigaOS 3.2 on multiple different types of Amigas at once.

Amiga Addict
Amiga Addict is providing the Official Amiga Addict T-Shirt.

Amiga Addict is our new magazine that hit the scene in January of this year and has proven to be a Great read with articles about the community, interviews, news, game reviews, event coverage, and more!

RabbitHole Computing
RabbitHole Computing is providing a SCSI2SD 5.2.

The SCSI2SD family of products can completely replace legacy rotational hard drives, Optical Disk Drives, Magneto Optical drives, and utilize either full-size Secure Digital (SD) or microSD flash-baed storage formats.

Retro Passion
Retro Passion has donated THREE complete Pi Storm setups for the A500! This include the adapter, pi, and sd card!!

The Pi Storm is the cool new Amiga CPU accelerator that hit the scene this year. The software running on PiOS greatly extends the functionality of the Amiga - adding FAST memory, RTG (graphics card) and a network card.

Amiga Kit Amiga Store
Amiga Kit is donating the fantastic A1200 Flash 8MB Expansion.

Apart from additional RAM, this card has the special feature of 4MB writeable Flash memory. Software such as ROMs and modules written to this Flash memory will be retained even when the computer is powered down. Software contained inside the Flash memory will be instantly available on power on. Kickstart modules or even full Kickstart images can be written to the Flash memory area using the configuration utility.

This card has some special features. Holding down the F1 key whilst resetting the Amiga 1200 will reveal the custom Early Boot Menu. Kickstart configurations created by you can then be easily selected and switched with a few clicks of the mouse. Additionally, the RAM settings can be selected in software without the need for actually moving the jumpers on the board. This feature rich card also reimplements the CD32's Non-Volatile Flash memory in the Amiga 1200! It does so and expands the space to 8x larger. Very useful for WHDLOAD CD32 games.

AmiBench, the Amiga's oldest trading platform is providing a ZORRAM A2000.

The ZORRAM A2000 is a Zorro II based 8MB RAM expansion manufactured by Amiga Kit.

If your Amiga 2000 needs fast memory, this is the expansion for you! It features jumpers for enabling 4MB, the full 8MB or even a special 5.5MB mode.

AmiBench is pleased to support Amiwest through the raffle.

AmigaSYS is a comprehensive distribution first debuting back in 2003.

Version 5 is the next, much anticipated version to be released. The professional version contains some exciting developments including its advanced system commands and AK-Datatypes built in.

This new way of experiencing the classic environment is ideal for UAE emulation.

One lucky Amiwest 2021 raffle winner will be sent a boxed copy of this on release. is the oldest running Amiga website, originating in 1994.

A significant amount of the Amiga community are members with many regularly visiting the websites.

This limited edition branded mouse will look great on some lucky Amiga users desk thanks to the Amiwest raffle.

Retronic Design
Retronic Design has donated FOUR (4) DB9 to USB Joystick Adapters. These allow you to use your favorite controllers on your PC Amiga Emulator, Pi, MiSTer, or other devices providing a USB interface. They can easily be flashed to provide an Amiga Mouse interface, as well as many other controller types. Check out the downloads page to see all the different firmware options.

Retronic Design
Retronic Design has also donated FOUR (4) Amiga video (23 pin) to Component (YPbPr) adapters! Check out this 10MARC video to see this device in action

SACC Member
A SACC Club Member has just donated TWO 9 pin to USB adapters!

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