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Hello Amiga Community!

Welcome to Amiwest 2021. This marks the 24th year of the Amiwest show. 2021 has been an eventful year but the best event is happening Oct 16th. Amiwest 2021 will have a full show floor experience for those able to travel to Sacramento, CA. For everyone else there will be a greatly expanded broadcast featuring many of the familiar faces and many new folks as well. Scroll down to see the schedule and the speaker BIOs. Like years past we will broadcast using Youtube but this might change so check the page before the event to make sure you are all setup. For AmigaOS 4 users, see below for instructions on how to access.

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Day 2 Live Steam URL:


Last update 10/17 1:21 AM PDT


CET      |EDT       |PDT
 6:30 PM | 12:30 AM |  9:30 AM - Stream on
 7:00 PM | 1:00 PM | 10:00 AM - Brian Deneen - Day 1 Kickoff
 7:10 PM | 1:10 PM | 10:10 AM - Trevor Dickinson - A message from Trevor
 7:15 PM | 1:15 PM | 10:15 AM - Ralph Egas - Dual Stick Joystick Update
 7:45 PM | 1:45 PM | 10:45 AM - Michal Shulz - EMU68 - 68000Emulation
 8:15 PM |  2:15 PM | 11:15 AM - Jens Schönfeld - Interview with Jens
 9:00 PM |  3:00 PM | 12:00 PM - Lunch Break 
 12:00 AM |  6:00 PM |  3:00 PM - Bill Borsari - Show Floor Live! from AmiWest 2021
 1:00 AM |  7:00 PM |  4:00 PM - Trevor Dickinson and Steven Solie - ExecSG Multicore and More
 2:00 AM |  8:00 PM |  5:00 PM - End of day 1 show stream
 4:00 AM | 10:00 PM |  7:00 PM - Banquet presentation including, for one night ever, The Dueling Keyboards!

CET      |EDT       |PDT
 6:30 PM | 12:30 AM |  9:30 AM - Stream on
 7:00 PM | 1:00 PM | 10:00 AM - Brian Deneen - Day 2 Kickoff
 6:15 PM | 1:15 PM | 10:15 AM - Klearchos Gourgourinis (Muadib) - Amiga Raytracing Society
 6:45 PM | 1:45 PM | 10:45 AM - George Sokianos - Media Vault
 9:00 PM |  3:00 PM | 12:00 PM - Lunch Break
 10:00 PM |  4:00 PM |  1:00 PM - Brian Carpignano - What's new in OS 3.2
11:00 PM |  5:00 PM |  2:00 PM - Eldee Stephens - A1222 Overview
12:00 PM |  6:00 PM |  3:00 PM - Doug Compton - Amiga Art contest
12:00 PM |  7:00 PM |  4:00 PM - Raffle 
 1:00 AM |  8:00 PM |  5:00 PM - End of show stream

The moderator and broadcaster for the event will be Bill "tekmage" Borsari Technical assistance and logistical work by Jerry Gray

Tuning in:

The plan is we will stream the event using Youtube live: We encourage people to tune in and enage with our live speakers for Q and A. Engagement can happen on the youtube channel and via AmigaWorld IRC on channel #amiwest.


Brian Deneen

Brian has been an Amigan since 1986. He has been SACC President since 1999 and has organized the AmiWest show since 2001. He has an extensive collection of Amiga hardware, software and magazines. He is a REBOL enthusiast and is the proprietor of He is looking forward to meeting everyone at AmiWest 2021, the 24th AmiWest show.

Trevor Dickinson

Trevor is well known for his infectious enthusiasm for all things Amiga. Having purchased an Amiga 2000 in 1988, he developed his passion for the Amiga and AmigaOS. He is a co-founder of A-Eon technologies which continues the Amiga story with new PPC based systems running OS4.1. Trevor is also a part-time Amiga journalist through this blog, articles in Amiga Future, and his newest partnership with David John Pleasance on the new book "From Vultures to Vampires - Commodore Amiga". Trevor is a long time friend and sponsor of AmiWest and we are thrilled to welcome him to the virtual stage this year.

Jens Schönfeld

Sinclair ZX81 @age 9 Jens has been into home computing and technology from a very young age. His systems include: Sinclair ZX81 at age 9, C64 at age 11, and Amiga at age 14. He took on his first hardware project at age 15! Jens studied electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen and started iComp in 1994. The first product was developed in 1995 and released 1996 (Graffiti). iComp was converted to a GmbH in late 2006, and licensed the Commodore brand in 2016. iComp now has a total of 9 employees in Germany and the Netherlands with customers in 67 countries. The USA represents over 13% of total revenue. You can find his wonderful products at

Doug Compton

Doug started the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast in 2018. To date he has produced over 100 videoes and has attended a number of Amiga shows. You can follow his work on

George Sokianos

George is a Software Engineer from Greece, living and working in Dublin, Ireland for the last 2 years. His nickname on Amiga forums is "walkero". He is a beta tester of AmigaOS 3 and AmigaOS 4, A-Eon's X1000, X5000 and A1222, and the Enhancer Package. George is the administrator and developer of a few Amiga websites, like,,,, and others. He contributed to Amiga scene with a few applications like Comicami and aiostreams scripts. He is also one of the organizers of the AmiCamp event in Greece. You may have seen articles Goerge had published on Retro Planet and K&A Plus magazines.

Steven Solie

Steven Solie has been on the AmigaOS development team for over a decade and has been the lead for most of that time. Most recently he has been working as the ExecSG lead developer. He is an expert C++ developer who is highly respected by his peers. Steve leads the DevCon days at AmiWest (which were sadly removed from the schedule this year). He has a passion for the AmigaOS and vision for the future of the platform.

Ralph Egas

Ralph is Co-Founder and CEO at abstraction. His passion for gaming started way back with the venerated Commodore 64 and Amiga consoles. He honed his programming skills in the industry for many years but the desire for autonomy and creative freedom led him to establish abstraction in 2007 as a Sole Proprietor. Nowadays, abstraction is a corporation with over 70 staff members.
Ralph is not a typical CEO. He still oversees all of the projects to at least some extent, so that every project adheres to abstraction's values of creativity, pixel perfection and game-play excellence. "We're gamers making games for our peers, we know how important every detail needs to be."

Klearchos Gourgourinis (Muadib)

Klearchos Gourgourinis a.k.a. muadib is an Amiga user, gamer and 3D artist since 1992, as well as the co-founder of the 'Amiga Raytracing Society'. His latest project, occupying the little time he has left from family and work duties, is the 'Amiga Raytracing Tutorial webcast', a tutorial series that has aired since April last year(2020) on and, focusing on teaching Amiga users how to create 3D rendered images and animations on the Amiga. You can follow Klearchos on Twitter at @muadib_25 and on Youtube

Michal Schulz

Michal Schulz is a post-doc physicist and software developer. After years of active Amiga use, he has switched to Intel-based machines and started developing his own AmigaOS replacement for x86 machines. Finally, he has joined AROS Development Team. There, he was responsible for development of low-level hardware drivers. He has brought native AROS to many platforms including 32-bit x86, 64-bit x86_64, PPC (Efika and Sam440ep) and finally to ARM machines. He has also supported the Vampire team with initial version of video driver as well as few other improvements to the AROS fork which is now known as ApolloOS. Nowadays his Amiga-related activity is focused on Emu68 project. There, Michal cooperates tightly with developers of PiStorm in an attempt to port Emu68 to the PiStorm.

Brian Carpignano

Brian has been an Amiga enthusiast since the late 80s. The first Amiga computer that he used was the Amiga 2000. He enjoys the AmigaOS experience with both the classic OS 3.x and also 4.x systems. He is a 3.2 beta tester and is proud that his work is acknowledged in the release notes of one of the 3.2 components on the 3.2 CD.

Bill "tekmage" Borsari

Bill has not missed an Amiwest yet. In addition to broadcasting the show in some form or another for the last 23 years, he organized the incredible Amiga 30th at the Computer History Museum. Work has begun on an Amiga 35th event when COVID struck. The Amiga 35th will happen, just a year or two late. When not planning, attending, or broadcasting Amiga events, Bill like to play golf and spend time with his family.

Jerry Gray

Jerry is the SACC VP and has taken a larger role in organizing the Amiwest event. Jerry is a development manager for the County of Sacramento working on a broad spectrum of projects. Jerry is an avid Amiga user and has instilled the love of technology in his two boys. Amiwest has become a family affair with his sons using 3D printing to create amazing trophy's for the Amiwest game competition winners. Keep an eye out for this years competition

Watching via AmigaOS4

For AmigaOS4 users there are two options: YT.rexx and AIOStreams.

For YT.rexx download and install the YT.rexx tool and FFMPEG to watch youtube live steams. We have posted the YT.rexx docs to help folks get set up.

For AIOStream, developed by Amiwest 2020 speaker George Sokianos, the package can be found here on OS4Depot and uses the built in Amiga Python, python ssl, Mplayer, and FFplayer from FFmpeg. Once installed execution is simple:

  1. Open a shell
  2. Navigate to the aiostream directory
  3. Execute: python -u

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