First Annual AmiWest Developer Recognition Award

The Amiga Community has been through a lot over the last 19 years since Commodore closed it's doors. The heart of that community has always been the users who refuse to let the Amiga be forgotten. With in those dedicated users are a few brave folks who take the extra time to create new software for the platform. Those developers work tirelessly to bring new technologies and idea's to the Amiga Community. This award was created to recognize those dedicated developers for their extraordinary contribution for the Amiga platform and the Amiga Community.

The 2013 award has been decided and Simon Archer, creator of CodeBench. The process was community driven, from the nominations, to the selection of the top five, to the final vote. Big thank you to all those who contributed to the process.

This is only the first year for the AmiWest Developer Award. In 2014 we will reach out to more of the community, keep the nomination open longer, and add different software categories. The nomination rules will remain the same, the developer nominated must have released or updated software for an Amiga compatible system between October 2013 and October 2014.

Finally, here are the results of the survey. The surveygizmo process selected the top 5 to be voted on at the AmiWest 2013. Both MorphOS and AmigaOS4 placed very highly be those responding; a testament to the quality of those operating systems. For the final vote, I decided to keep it to just individuals nominated. Let me also say the goal of this award is to draw awareness to all Amiga developers, regardless of platform. If you are not on the list this year, we'll get you on for next (be sure to release something!).

AmigaOS4 Team - AmigaOS1
Fabien Coeurjoly - Odyssey Web Browser,MAME,MPlayer,ScummVM2
MorpOS Team - MorphOS3
Andreas Falkenhahn - Hollywood,Hollywood Designer4
Alfkil Wennermark - QT5
Gregorz Kraszewski - AppendDate,Raggae,LUA,DigiBooster36
Simon Archer - CodeBench,AmiUpdate7
Thomas Frieden - Kernel8
Berth Jahn - WHDLoad9
Toni Wilen - PFS3AIO,WinUAE10
Andy Broad - ProAction,Blender,Sketchblock11
Frank Menzel and Thomas Claus - A Frog Game,M.A.C.E,Tap Jewels12
Lyle Hazelwood - SoftSyn,XMOS Software,Barsnpipes,HDAudio Driver13
Edgar Schwan - AmiCygnix,Abiword14
Olaf Barthel - Roadshow15
Joakim Nordstru - JAmiga216
Thomas Wenzel - AmigaAMP17
Pavel Fedin - TCP/IP Stack18
Frank Wille - sqrxz,vasm,vlink19
Pawel Stefanski - OpenXcom20
Steven Solie - Ranger21
Chris Handley - RuninUAE,PortablE,Amisystemretore22
Hugues Nouvel - OSDLauncher,Hurrican,Frogatto23
Sebastian Bauer - SimpleMail24
Guillaume Boesel - Attachmail,SysMon,FastView25
Steffen Gutmann - MuiBase26
Gilles Pelletier - ANAIIS27
Chris Young - ArcEm,ipp.device,NetSurf28
Chris Raynor - AmiQuake,SDL AGA29
Simone Bevilacqua - KOG,glUAE,Huenison30
Richard Lake - Jack31
Bill Eaves - Digital Universev32
James Carroll - AltTabSwitcher33
Paul Sadlik - Audio Remote Server34
Boing Attitude - DirMeUp,ASkMeUp35
Juha Nieminaki - Quake236
jim Neray - x-bEnCh37
Stephan Feliner - WarpView38
Ventzislav Tzetkov - Arnold,SDDapple,ATARI++,XRoar39
Daniel Jedicka - Wordnet,ADripper40
Total Respondents:324